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Securely manage evidential video throughout the claims process

Patented, evidential video solutions designed to fit at multiple stages within the claims lifecycle and supply chain.

Reduce costs, increase productivity, improve security & compliance.

eFNoL & instant triage

See what your Customer sees, whether live or recorded self-serve so that your handlers can instantly triage the claim.


Enhance field operations whether Adjusters/Surveyors or the likes of Fleet/H&S  Assessment using video, with features such as live recording, bespoke digital forms, augmented reality & artificial intelligence.

Secure evidential interviews

Conduct evidential Fraud investigation and witness statements using eviid's patented video streaming ensuring encrypted, secure & evidential recording.

Ingestion of media

eviid enables businesses to obtain & share media including large, traditionally unobtainable media files such as CCTV & Dash-cam footage, as part of a secure & compliant process.

Secure storage & sharing

eviid enables businesses to obtain, store & share media across the enterprise, managing media throughout each step of the claims process.

Enterprise Scalable

Tried & tested evidential video technology that can be deployed across the enterprise within multiple claims lines.

eviid is currently live across lines such as Home, Motor, Commercial, CAT/Large Loss, Liability, Casualty, Fleet Inspection & more, with proven value within each use case.

View our blog below to find out more:

Cars for Sale
Commercial Building at Night
Modern Home
Image by Chris Gallagher

New Product: eviid Accord

Risk & Compliance: Field Application

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and eviid’s newly launched Accord mobile application embodies that maxim entirely. There has never been a better time to make use of video and photo technology within your enterprise workflow, without any deviation by individuals in the field from the strict processes required to be entirely compliant.

View our blog below to find out more:

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