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Securely capture, store & share trust-worthy video instantly & remotely

Patented, evidential video solutions designed to fit your business requirements

eviid is hosted on Microsoft Azure, meaning that it can be deployed globally, instantly. We have large global clients, all using eviid to trust what they're seeing remotely, wherever they are in the world, as part of a process that suits their requirements.

Insurance & Claims


Make faster, more informed decisions, whilst preventing fraud. Empower your supply chain & TPAs to increase productivity, reducing the time taken for reinstatement.


Deal with variations faster, document job completions and create a dispute-proof audit trail of work carried out.



Quickly create a complete, evidential video-enabled report on site, avoid later disputes and costly repeat visits.


Capture medical video & imagery with a tamper-evident digital fingerprint. Integrate cross-system & with third party medical equipment.

Social Housing

See your tenants circumstances instantly & remotely, empowering repairers & surveyors, whilst reducing repeat visits & void periods.


Customer Service

See what your Customer sees, whether live, recorded or both, in an evidential format for the right decision-making, instantly & remotely.

Field Force

Enhance field operations using video, with features such as live recording, bespoke digital forms, augmented reality & artificial intelligence.

Secure Video Communication

Wherever secure & recorded visual communication is required, eviid's patented video streaming ensures encrypted, secure & evidential record.

Media Upload

eviid enables businesses to obtain & share large, traditionally unobtainable media files such as CCTV & Dash-cam footage, as part of a secure & compliant process.

Use Cases

Verifiable evidence

Reduce Fraud

Reduce carbon footprint