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Securely manage evidential video throughout the claims process

Patented, evidential video solutions designed to fit at multiple stages within the claims lifecycle and supply chain.

Reduce costs, increase productivity, improve security & compliance.

eFNoL & instant triage

See what your Customer sees, whether live or recorded self-serve so that your handlers can instantly triage the claim.


Enhance field operations whether Adjusters/Surveyors or the likes of Fleet/H&S  Assessment using video, with features such as live recording, bespoke digital forms, augmented reality & artificial intelligence.

Secure evidential interviews

Conduct evidential Fraud investigation and witness statements using eviid's patented video streaming ensuring encrypted, secure & evidential recording.

Ingestion of media

eviid enables businesses to obtain & share media including large, traditionally unobtainable media files such as CCTV & Dash-cam footage, as part of a secure & compliant process.

Secure storage & sharing

eviid enables businesses to obtain, store & share media across the enterprise, managing media throughout each step of the claims process.

Our Clients

At eviid, we pride ourselves in being reactive to both client and market requirements. We continue to transform the processes of some of the largest UK, US & EU businesses, from the Insurers and across the Supply Chain. Here are just some of our clients:

What our clients say...

Claims Director

Eviid has reduced the time it takes for claims handlers to access policyholder-submitted video and images by an incredible 98%


Removing the need for physical visits, while still ensuring security and compliance, eviid can reduce the cost associated with visits by up to 70%

Claims Handler

This is the first EOW claim where we scoped ourselves via Eviid and offered a cash settlement to conclude the claim which the PH accepted all within 24 hours.

Operations Manager

Reduced repeat visits by 24%, reported a 46% lifecycle reduction for flooring claims, and reduced the number of complaints by 90%.