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Post covid - Supporting your business today, and futureproofing it for tomorrow

Since 2019, like the rest of the world, insurance and claims professionals have changed the way they work. Increasingly more ‘evidence’ is captured on a growing list of devices – dashcams, smartphones, drone footage, doorbells etc. This content can be used in claims processes to make claims faster and more efficient. Eviid’s technology prevents the alteration of digital media evidence flagging how/when it was altered (if it was) whilst enabling the use of a policyholder's visual evidence from a scene/field operation.

Discover how eviid’s evidential, certified, and secure video technology is helping insurance and claims professionals in the aftermath of Covid-19

Eviid’s highly secure, fully verified and GDPR-compliant video capture technology is increasingly being adopted by some of the world’s biggest names in insurance.

Claims processing is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective for all concerned while preventing fraud – driving costs down within the insurance industry. Eviid has reduced the time it takes for insurance claims handlers to access policyholder submitted videos & images by 98%.

An accessible, plug and play solution to remote working, One of the key drivers which has led to insurance and claims professionals turning to Eviid's remote video solution at this time – beyond its high-security features and evidential quality data management – is that it is quick and easy to set-up via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.


Joined-up, versatile and intuitive technology, Eviid’s suite of applications are highly versatile, ‘enterprise ready’ and very intuitive. They can be used as standalone tools but have also been designed to work together seamlessly as required.

In fact, in a recent survey undertaken by one of our customers amongst a cohort of their newly trained staff, 100% of respondents described it as easy to use, and over 95% stated it is exactly the kind of technology they need at this challenging time.

Designed to meet the specific needs of the insurance and claims sector such overwhelmingly positive feedback is because eviid has developed all its products to meet the specific needs of the insurance and claims industry.For example:

  • Eviid removes the need for physical meetings while still maintaining the quality of evidence – and the trust gained – which comes from a detailed onsite inspection or interviewing someone in person • Eviid allows you to conduct live video interviews and undertake thorough evidence-gathering remotely while also enabling claimants to self-report.

  • Eviid’s high-resolution video compression ratios mean even recorded video running over an hour can be uploaded and shared quickly

  • Eviid’s unique lip-synch auto-alignment feature means you can capture every word, intonation, and nuance from the very start – nothing is ever ambiguous or ‘lost in translation'

  • Eviid allows for multi-participant video c