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Eviid partners with Keylane to deliver seamless claims management workflow for insurers.

Eviid has announced a partnership with claims management software solution provider Keylane to offer smart solutions that instantly and securely capture, gather, access, validate, use, and share digital media across the claims workflow, which grants enhancements to clients using Keylane’s Axon platform.

As part of a joined-up claims management solution, Keylane’s customers – some 225 insurance and pension companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands Antilles, will have the ability to harness media (photo and video footage) within the claims workflow speeding up the claims process, driving down costs for insurers and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

“Increasingly more evidence used within the claims process is captured on a growing list of devices – dashcams, smartphones, drone footage and doorbells for example, and embedding this footage into the claims process speeds up the claims process, makes it more accurate and delivers customers a way to provide their evidence directly,” explains Ron van den Broek, CEO P&C Keylane

“The ability to corroborate that those media are real footage and not fake or altered footage is also key to the solution in eliminating cases of fraud which further helps the industry drive down costs for customers.”

Eviid is helping global companies to eradicate fraud by providing a way to embed tamper-proof video and media content into corporate workflow. Media can be altered and is therefore open to fraudulent use. Eviid’s technology prevents the alteration of digital media evidence flagging how/when it was altered (if it was) whilst enabling the use of a policyholder's visual evidence from a scene/field operation.

Claims processing is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective for all concerned while preventing fraud – driving costs down within an industry. Eviid has reduced the time it takes for insurance claims handlers to access policyholder submitted videos & images by 98%.

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