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eviid helps insurers cope with winter motor claims surge

In 2018, UK motor insurance claims amounted to over £7bn in payments to claimants. We also know that times of adverse and unsettled weather, particularly in winter, brings with it surges in claims for motor insurers.

From tipsy driving to overzealous de-icing

Accidents caused by worsening winter weather are perhaps not unexpected with icy roads, heavy rain and poor visibility make driving inherently more hazardous as the nights draw in. Another factor is the rise in accidents due to drink driving following Christmas parties and distracted drivers in the hectic run-up to the festive break.

Not all winter claims are related to driver behaviour, though. Poor weather can be responsible for a range of no-fault claims such as damage caused by flooding or falling trees, along with at-fault claims such as cracked windscreens caused by over-zealous de-icing. Increased case loads – where to start?

Whatever the catalyst for the surge in winter motor claims, in a market with already tight profit margins and high competition, it can be challenging for GI supply chains to cope with increased case loads as claims are processed while offering a positive customer experience.

eviid’s patented technology allows insurers and claims professionals to speed up the time between claim and resolution by offering an easy-to-use and secure video transfer service giving handlers access to the full picture, both of the incident and of the extent of the damage.

The customer-facing Assist app and multi-media Uploader technologies enable claims handlers to receive video files directly from policyholders, including dash-cam footage, for faster access to video evidence with minimal customer effort. Super-fast triage, super-fast resolution

This means that decisions can be made much more quickly and at fault parties agreed quickly and with a clear and verifiable picture of the nature of the incident and damage.

Using eviid, one major UK insurer has reduced the average time it takes claims handlers to access policyholder-submitted video by 98% – from over 50 to less than one day since the technology was rolled out.

“eviid gives us the ability to share footage with third party organisations with immediate availability for them, track their viewing and control their access. Claim handlers can share the footage with other insurers, arrange to watch the footage together while discussing what is there and agreeing the at fault party immediately.” - Claims Delivery Manager at a Large General Insurer

As claims surge, the race is on for claims professionals to maintain customer experience to retain policyholders while the supply chain is under pressure. Making use of technologies that transform the way evidence is handled could play a significant role in retaining policy holders.

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