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The race for quick settlement is on following whiplash claims reform

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

UPDATE MARCH 2021: UK whiplash reforms are back on after roll-out was postponed last year, promising a perfect storm for insurers, CMCs and credit hire firms dealing with small claims. With tariffs capped and unrepresented parties able to submit claims through the new portal from 31 May 2021, the industry now faces the mighty challenge of making the new system work for everybody and protect margins.

Having reviewed the user journey on the new portal and following feedback from a range of customers across the small claims supply chain, we’ve identified two immediate areas where eviid technology can help:

  • For representatives of claimants, submitting claims through the portal: gather all supporting documentation from the claimant instantly, including dashcam footage and video quickly and easily before uploading to the portal. Integrate handling of video and photo seamlessly into your workflow to keep costs down.

  • For compensating parties: check/verify the claimant’s version of events against video and photographic evidence quickly gathered from your policyholder and third parties. Bat away fraudsters and weak cases instantly.

This tech can be deployed superfast on transactional pricing models (cost per claim), is cloud based and made for insurance:

  • eviid Upload is perfect for retrieving dashcam and any other footage from policyholders/third parties/customers without hassle, via a simple link

  • eviid Portal provides secure access to your automatically filed footage/photos, stored in the cloud and equipped with secure, audited and compliant sharing facilities

  • eviid Assist help your customers take and submit verifiable videos and photos or give evidence via live and recorded video call

  • eviid Click enables app-less, seamless live calling via SMS link

Below blog, written last year ahead of the earlier deadline, gives an overview of the implications of the reforms and the role video and photo evidence can play in making it all work...