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Tech company eviid ‘ready for lift-off’ in Europe

Press release - 13th february 2018. Six new roles and European sales office following demand surge.

Eviid (YRFree Technologies Ltd), a global tech company based in London and Liverpool is expanding its team and geographical footprint following a highly successful final quarter in 2017.

Six new hires into its developer and support teams across January and February 2018 follow hot on the heels of the opening of a sales office on the continent (in Lelystad in the Netherlands).

Since August 2017, the company, inventors of a unique evidential technology for digitally recorded media, has won 11 new clients and major projects, mainly from the UK insurance and property sectors, but also in the US, New Zealand and Australia, for its secure and tamper-evident smartphone video technology. The software allows companies to use live and recorded smartphone video to connect with workers in the field or assist customers in submitting video evidence (of an insurance claim, for example).