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Open for insurance: why the friendliest tech wins

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

2020 continues to be the year when Insurtech really got to show what it can do – to keep business going, keep claims handlers handling, keep finding resolutions faster for policyholders. All against a backdrop of travel restrictions, remote working and resource bottlenecks.

Very quickly, nice-to-haves that used to be the domain of tech evangelists or heads of innovation, have become business-critical necessities that just have to work. The case for using technology has never been stronger or more urgent.

But there are always winners and losers.

What are the characteristics of the kind of technology that swoops in as a hero and saves everybody’s workflows? Our answer is simple: tech that makes friends easily.

Our product, a powerful technology stack built around the simple idea of remote visual confirmation (a live video, a photo or video report, policyholder-submitted dashcam footage), has played its part in the industry’s response to this year’s challenges. It’s given our customers a suite of app and app-less products to work smarter, offering them maximum choice, while minimising effort.

Adoption has been faster than usual, because it