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New ‘pay per claim’ pricing

Use any tool in the eviid suite, at the same per-job price

eviid is now available with transactional pricing, meaning you pay a fixed cost per “claim/job”.

In insurance and claims, this means any media items generated against a single case number (up to a total file size limit) are charged at one fixed, per-claim rate, pegging technology cost to claims volume. Having a clear cost per claim makes it easy to share or pass on this cost across the supply chain.

The new pricing model and the fact that eviid offers video integration on a software-as-a-service basis, enables insurers (or anybody else using eviid for a high volume of clearly defined jobs or cases) to easily cover usage of the technology out of operational expenditure rather than invest in servers, software and special devices.

Where previously the different tools in the eviid suite were accessed via separate software licences, this transaction-based pricing model opens up the whole technology stack to users who can now pick and mix according to their live requirements:

  • Professional (Surveyors/Adjusters)

  • Assist (Policy-holder self-serve / E-FNoL)

  • Interview (Fraud/Investigation)

  • Click (Browser-based video call)

  • Upload (media upload through the browser, from CCTV, dash-cam to smartphone footage)

  • Accord (Upcoming new product - Compliance/Inspection forms)

The rate per claim depends on monthly volume, with discounts applied for higher volumes. We can also provide quotes based on different currencies.

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