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Leading general insurer LV= speeds up settlement times with eviid Uploader

Leading general insurer LV= speeds up settlement times with eviid Uploader

Following a successful implementation which saw the patented video and streaming technology reduce the number of claims which require a site visit by 80%, LV= GI worked with eviid again to co-develop the Uploader and introduce it to their Motor Business, filling a crucial gap in their ability to handle multimedia evidence.

Improving efficiency and reliability As an insurer primarily operating in the home and motor sectors, LV= GI saw the value of using video evidence. In motor insurance in particular, dash-cam footage is increasingly prevalent in verifying fault. However, its claims teams were simply not equipped to securely manage video or media files in an efficient manner. Claims Executive Delivery Manager for LV= GI Gabrielle Norman says: “Video files are increasingly important in our claims process, from supporting liability discussions to detecting fraud. But given the range of video types we receive from dash cam footage to CCTV they can be notoriously difficult to transcribe. “We needed a one stop shop that could host and support any file type securely with the capability to share these videos with our trusted partners in a way that is compliant with data protection regulation. The Eviid hub has transformed our claims process, benefiting our customers directly with speedy decision making and faster settlements. The process for our people has improved dramatically as well with all videos being in one location that can be accessed at anytime” A partnership approach LV= GI and eviid took a collaborative approach to finding a bespoke solution, and the eviid Uploader evolved as a robust tool that is tightly tailored to the insurer’s needs. The resulting system is web-based. It works by using a simple link sent to the policyholder via email or text. It supports large files and automatically virus-checks, right-sizes and formats each file before sending them straight into the Eviid Hub for LV= GI to access, The eviid Uploader:

  • enables LV= GI to receive and manage video, audio and other digital evidence from policyholders – quickly, securely and without hassle for the customer;

  • allows policyholders to send files without having to download an app or resize/reformat files;

  • enables claims handlers to securely share footage with third parties instantly, track their viewing and control access. For example, LV= GI claims handlers can share footage with other insurers or arrange to watch it together, discussing what they see and agreeing the at-fault party there and then;

  • de-risks data handling, taking care of GDPR and associated risks. Everything is held on an online hub rather than physically. No memory sticks containing sensitive data need to be moved internally at LV= GI or posted to third parties.

Transforming workflows The Uploader has reduced the time it takes for claims handlers to access policyholder-submitted video or images by 98% This allows LV= GI to validate and settle claims much faster. Customers and witnesses can share multimedia footage from smartphones, dash-cams or CCTV in an intuitive way in seconds, allowing them to get on with their day.

The system has empowered LV= GI claims handlers to search and view footage instantly at their desks, They no longer have to worry about firewalls, formats, inbox restrictions, GDPR compliance or local storage capacity. Gabrielle Norman adds: “It’s transformed the way we use video and made the whole process much more efficient. Our handlers can access and share video files immediately and whenever they need to, they no longer need to jump through hoops to view evidence or send it on to our partners making everything much faster.

“It is simple to use and the feedback has been extremely positive from policyholders. Our people are happy, and our customers love it.” The Uploader is now being rolled out to all claims handlers in the insurer’s Property and Motor/Fleet businesses; 1,100 claims handlers will have access to eviid over the coming 12 months.

Results at a Glance... 98% – Reduction in time it takes for handlers to access policyholder submitted video or images 80% reduction in the need for site visits for property insurance claims Over 4000 uploads since launch

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