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Launching early: no-installation evidential video calling that’s fit for business

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

eviid is launching Click Call for ad-hoc, no-installation video calls that are secure, recorded, professional – and, uniquely, in evidential quality.

The team at eviid has accelerated the development of this browser-based solution to make enterprise-grade video technology even faster to deploy – supporting businesses that need robust yet customer-friendly video call facilities to keep operations going.

Click Call works from browser to browser on almost any device, meaning a call handler can initiate a professional video call with a customer or third-party simply by sending a link via text message or e-mail. The recipient doesn’t have to download or install an app to join.

Both calls and stored recordings are protected by enterprise-grade security. Footage is automatically saved to the cloud, minimising file handling hassle for the caller and ensuring potentially sensitive information is held within a closed environment, rather than on individual desktops or phones.

Click Call comes with eviid’s patented evidential technology, ensuring all footage is automatically recorded alongside key meta data and enclosed in a tamper-evident wrapper.

Whether it’s looking at a broken boiler, guiding a user through an IT issue, inspecting damage for an insurance claim, triaging a patient at home or taking a witness statement, Click Call offers the ease of use of a consumer application with the robustness and security of an enterprise solution.

John Ridd, CEO at eviid, comments: “Over the last couple of years, our technology has been used a lot by insurers to support policyholders quickly and unbureaucratically, even where it is difficult to send somebody out to inspect damage. This ability to easily get a live picture and visual record of a situation has become even more important during the coronavirus crisis – within and outside of the insurance sector.

“With Click Call, we make our unique technology available in a way that allows superfast deployment at the point of need, for organisations that might otherwise look to less secure, less professional, less suitable consumer applications to plug the gap.”

Click Call will launch officially in 2020. It is currently in beta testing with multiple large insurance customers in the US and UK. Interested companies are invited to get in touch for early access to the beta version or to request access to the Click Call documentation.

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