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ISS takes on video technology to help reduce claims cycle and enhance the customer journey

Nationwide claims resolution specialist ISS Restoration has brought in innovative video technology from eviid to reduce claims cycle whilst enhancing the customer journey.

ISS works with insurers, brokers and loss adjusters, as well as utilities providers, to repair and restore damaged properties from the likes of escape of water and fire incidents. The company chose eviid’s patented video technology to help reduce claims lifecycle by having the ability to make decisions far quicker. The technology will fully integrate with ISS Restoration workflows, meaning field teams across the country can instantly and accurately record the true extent of a claim’s remedial requirements.

This means claims teams are better equipped to bring in the right skills for a quick resolution for the claimant.

Kelly Hammond, Key Account Manager at ISS Facility Services Restoration, said:

“We were looking for a technology partner that enabled all parties to securely view an accurate picture of the damage - including ourselves, our restoration teams, and our customers. The eviid Professional technology gave us just that.”

eviid offers a secure and scalable enterprise-ready video solution that enables remote staff to record and securely share video instantaneously. Uniquely, meta data (including things like date and time stamps) becomes part of the footage on creation, via a patented tamper-evident watermark-like wrapper. This ensures video gives an accurate and full picture of a claim and cannot be altered without leaving a trace.

John Ridd, Chief Executive Officer at eviid, said:

“eviid technology improves the claimant experience. Our technology helps capture an accurate and tamper-evident overview of the true scope of a claim from as early as first notification, speeding up the entire claims process for ISS, leading to both increased customer satisfaction and retention.”

Kelly added: “A positive claimant journey is vital to our customers, especially when it comes to restoring affected premises. The eviid technology, and the scope to add claimant facing applications, will only serve to improve these journeys by reducing the time to resolution and restoration.”

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