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Introducing eviid live: remote video interviews via smartphone

eviid Live is the latest addition to the eviid technology stack, underpinned by patented evidential technology. It enables companies to conduct “face-to-face” interviews, such as witness statements, remotely via the interviewee’s smartphone or tablet.

Developed in response to insurance industry needs, eviid Live is particularly suited to longer interviews, where other video call tools don’t offer sufficient stability. Interviews are recorded and stored securely and in compliance with data protection legislation.

Featuring eviid’s patented evidential technology, all footage recorded through eviid Live is stamped with a tamper-evident watermark that adds contextual data such as GPS location, date, time and SIM card information to each frame. This unique technology ensures footage is recorded and stored in evidential quality and would withstand scrutiny, for example in court.

More interviews in less time

eviid Live will particularly benefit organisations that carry out large volumes of face-to-face interviews – be it witness statements or assessments. As well as the financial cost of face-to-face interviews (travel, subsistence), they are also time consuming to conduct and ar