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Insurers are bracing for an influx in claims in the aftermath of storms Dudley and Eunice

Storm Dudley has already caused power cuts, travel disruption and damage to properties across the UK. Whilst the cleanup begins from the remnants of this storm, we brace for storm Eunice that is predicted to be more severe with a red weather warning now in place across much of England and Wales and 42 flood alerts across northern England.

Between 2018 and 2020 storms caused £3.8bn in home damages repair claims, according to home insurer Policy Expert. When a storm hits, parts of the UK become inaccessible and capturing media to support a claim can be increasingly difficult, meaning the time taken to process an insurance claim can increase dramatically.

Growing amounts of visual media are being used to certify claims, check the repair of buildings, and verify the condition of property caught in severe weather. Historically, claims assessors will visit a property to assess the damage and capture evidence in support of a claim This is increasingly difficult during adverse weather conditions such as storms Dudley & Eunice leading to insurers searching for a more effective and efficient way to assess claims. Eviid offers a solution to these market challenges with an Enterprise-grade SAAS solution which can be embedded unseen by the user into the claims management process. With Eviid, insurers can ask their customers to capture evidence, using video, forms, photos, and live calls to quickly assess and resolve claims accurately.

At Eviid, we understand the importance for insurers to embed footage quickly and effectively into enterprise workflow and store it safely for use in the claims process. but we also take fraud very seriously - It is a fact that we have never been more equipped to take video and photo footage – every device we own has a camera. But similarly, there are immeasurable ways to tamper with those devices and the footage they capture. With natural disaster insurance claims running into billions, media (video and photo footage) is being embedded into the claims process as ‘proof’ of damage or loss, and with that comes an increased risk of fraud where media has not been certified.

Eviid provides the ability to work remotely and removes the need for loss adjustors to attend the site. It connects those in a disaster zone to a live call with a colleague in an office via the desktop or it can take video and photos via an app which can be automatically uploaded to the workflow media hub. Measurements can also be taken by a person in the office ‘driving’ the user’s phone via the app.

Insurers can deploy the complete Eviid media platform or take the verification element and embed it into existing enterprise workflow solutions providing real choice for insurers without any replacement of IT systems.

Using Eviid’s verification technology, the risk of fraud is reduced, and the enterprise workflow allows an efficient claims cycle.

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