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How home claims handlers prevent fraud and save costs using domestic media

AM Interviews Friss' Wouter Joosse on partnership with eviid

As Wouter Joosse, Friss’ itinerant product manager considers the global insurance industry, he is struck by how progressive the sector is in the Netherlands. Innovative, digital and automated. Still, according to him, there is still a lot to gain. According to Joosse, there is a task for insurers to increase fraud awareness among ordinary claim handlers, while expanding their options. For example, using of photo and video material in the claims handling process.

Insurers who work with Friss fraud detection software receive a Friss score on their claim reports. Green is no problem. An orange score could be an indication of particularities, and with red all alarm bells go off. Joosse estimates that about 95 percent of claims flare up as green : ergo, pay out as soon as possible. Red is also clear. But what do you do with orange? Friss tries to convince insurers to integrate a plugin from partner Eviid into the Friss score.