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How eviid’s evidential, certified and secure video technology is helping legal and investigative...

The impact of the covid-19 lockdown, and the enforcement of strict social distancing, means the investigative and legal sectors are urgently seeking smart, tech-based and secure solutions to help ensure business continuity while minimising personal contact.

That’s where eviid comes in.

Our remote video capture technology offers you a highly-secure, fully compliant and evidential-quality data capture and management system which removes the need for face-to-face engagement.

It’s quick to set-up via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC (without needing third-party technical support), is easy to use, and highly intuitive.

Unpacking eviid’s patented remote evidence management system Eviid offers ‘in the room’ high-resolution video capture, live streaming and real-time data sharing.

Here’s how:

• Our technology removes the need for physical meetings while still maintaining the quality of evidence which comes from a detailed on-site inspection or engaging with someone in person • You can conduct live video interviews, enable customers to self-report, and undertake thorough evidence-gathering remotely • It allows for multi-participant video conferencing – meaning that third-party experts, interpreters, or the guardians of vulnerable people – can be present during interview • Screen-sharing, the real-time exchange of documents and the fast transfer of evidence – such as CCTV and dashcam footage – means any investigation is speeded up

Eviid ensures robust security, elimination of ambiguity and increased efficiency. Here’s how:

• Everything captured and uploaded via eviid is verified from inception • From geo-tagging the original source of the data, to ensuring every piece of material is tamper-proof, your content is audited at every stage • Our unique lip-synch auto-alignment feature means you capture every word and intonation from the very start – no ambiguity, no misinterpretation, nothing misconstrued • High-resolution video compression ratios means even 1 hr + video clips can be uploaded and shared quickly • You also can tag time-stamps and add notes onto pertinent segments of footage, optimising the process when video content is reviewed by others Eviid guarantees you full compliance and complete control.

Here’s how:

• Our technology ensures all content – live or recorded – is compliant with GDPR legislation, the USA and EU Privacy Shield initiative, and other international privacy laws • Data is uploaded to an encrypted, cloud-based portal solely dedicated to your organisation • Only you can allow authorised colleagues or third-parties to access your content • An ‘evidence wrapper’ is ever-present (even when the data is shared externally), and every asset is permanently digitally watermarked and traceable

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