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Getting insurance ready for millennials

Major systems integrator picks eviid for insurance innovation programme.

eviid has partnered with a globally operating technology service provider to offer rapid-to-deploy digital field inspection and customer self-service technology to the insurance sector.

The IT systems integrator and tech consultancy is now offering eviid’s unique evidential smartphone video technology as part of its accelerator programme, which simplifies access to innovative claim solutions for insurance and claims companies.

eviid’s patented technology gives insurers easy access to evidential video from the site of a claim via a standard smartphone app – streamed and recorded live or captured and stored for later upload. It can be used for remote loss adjusting and fast, fraud-proof turn-arounds on smaller claims.

The company’s chief software architect for the insurance sector in the UK & Ireland commented: “The generation that grew up on the internet has entered the workplace – and insurers’ customer base. They expect to be able to use their smartphone and mobile apps to engage with companies – to receive claim notifications or submit images of vehicle damages to accelerate the handling of their claim. Similarly, junior field adjusters today want to collaborate virtually and in real-time in a secure environment with subject matter experts who can provide guidance and resolve issues. eviid delivers customizable technology for both these scenarios and more.”

eviid ensures footage and images comply with data protection legislation, are handled securely and are contained within a secure space. The technology consists of the smartphone app and a back-end system, which together constitute a secure, controlled environment. Access to images captured through the app is fully controlled within this system and does not, for example, show in the device’s photo gallery.

John Ridd, CEO of eviid, comments: “Smartphones can be a powerful tool in insurance just by virtue of being the tool you’re most likely to have to hand when something unexpected happens. It’s a device we carry anyway, it’s got a great camera and it can connect to the internet.”

“What consumer smartphone technology was missing so far, is a feature that turns a simple video or photo into evidence and treats it accordingly. eviid does just that. In simple terms, it stamps date, place and time onto the footage, puts it in a tamper-evident wrapper, compresses it and sends it to a safe place. For insurers and policy-holders this means a better, faster and fool-proof way of capturing and sharing the facts of a situation.” – John Ridd, CEO of eviid

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