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eviid takes on pirates

Leading authority on maritime security to launch eviid at sea

eviid is partnering with Mike Williams, a leading maritime security expert, to launch its evidential smartphone technology in the marine sector.

Williams is a renowned maritime security consultant, heading up global consultancy business SRM and specialist security services company MIRIS International. A former Royal Marine with 25 years’ experience of security at sea, he works with ship owners, insurers, government agencies and private security companies to safeguard vessels at risk of pirate attacks and other threats.

Williams will now take eviid’s unique technology to this market, where it fills a critical gap both in emergency ship-to-shore communication and in the efficient documentation of security procedures and incidents.

eviid is ideally suited to security applications in remote and hostile environments due to its unique evidential technology and reliable connectivity even via low-bandwidth satellite link. In critical situations at sea, for example, eviid footage (live or recorded) can provide the visual confirmation needed by authorities on shore to deploy help quickly.

Mike Williams comments on the partnership: “eviid fills an immediate gap in terms of security technology at sea and could drastically improve the safety of crew and cargo across private and commercial vessels. Reports that currently take days to file can be transmitted immediately with eviid; proof of being under threat can be provided in real time, initiating rescue operations faster.”

John Ridd, CEO of YRfree, adds: “eviid has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding environments and could disrupt a wide range of markets and sectors. Seeing it make a difference to security at sea, keeping crews safe under challenging conditions far away from help – that’s what we built the technology for. We’re delighted to have Mike on board to help us take eviid to sea.”

“What makes eviid a real game-changer in maritime security is that it works even in low bandwidths environments (for example when switching to satellite) and comes with built-in data security, traceability and tamper-proofing. It’s unique in the market and exactly what we need.” - Mike Williams, maritime security expert

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