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How Eviid’s self-reporting video technology is set to help housing associations mitigate the impact

Eviid’s highly secure and verified remote video capture technology has been used by social housing repair managers to assess the repair requirements of both vacant and tenanted properties for several years now.

The fact that high-resolution video footage captured via a standard smartphone could be instantly uploaded to an encrypted cloud-based hub – and made shareable between maintenance teams, housing officers and other personnel – meant that responsive repair managers could reduce the volume of call-outs, void managers could turn around empty units faster, and general tenant maintenance requirements could be addressed more quickly.

It also meant lettings managers were reassured that all pre and post-repair data was accurate, safe, tamper-proof and traceable.

But as the need for social distancing continues – and with the likelihood that reduced social contact will become the norm for the foreseeable future – so a number of housing associations are now considering how such ‘self-report