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DASA takes video technology underground - to find leaks faster and speed up claims

National drainage and water inspection and repairs specialist DASA have brought innovative evidential video technology from eviid on board to transform its underground services.

DASA has a long history of investing in the most innovative technologies to offer the best service to insurers and customers.

The team chose eviid’s patented video technology to help its field staff share inspection and diagnostic video directly from the site of a leak or other drainage issue with expert teams in the office.

The eviid technology is fully integrated into DASA’s on-site workflows enabling inspection teams to instantly share drainage camera footage from the field with claims teams or consult experts via live and recorded video – even underground. This means accurate claims decisions can be made quickly and with the full picture in mind, making claims resolution and repair quicker for the customer, as well as ensuring transparency both for policyholder and insurer.

DASA Compliance Director, Jessica Dawson said:

“DASA is delighted to have brought the eviid platform online. Quite apart from rave reviews from our staff in the field and office-based review engineers, our clients’ customers are hugely impressed with the efficiency the system provides; our customer satisfaction scores have increased noticeably since we went live with eviid.”

eviid offers a secure and scalable enterprise ready video solution which enables remote staff to record and securely share video instantaneously. Uniquely, meta data (including things like case numbers) becomes part of the footage on creation, via a patented tamper-evident watermark-like wrapper. This ensures hassle-free recording, easy processing and footage that will withstand challenge.

John Ridd, Chief Executive Officer at eviid said:

“DASA has a reputation of pushing the boundaries with its use of technology to improve customer experience and provide a flawless service to insurers. We’re proud to play our part in the transformation of their on-site workflows. This is the future of claims!”

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