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Clancy Plant tracks asset condition with eviid Pro

National plant hire specialist Clancy Plant has rolled out new secure evidential video sharing technology with eviid to speed up plant hire processes.

Following the successful implementation of the eviid Pro platform in transforming site workflows within the Clancy Group, the Plant team brought in the technology when they were looking for ways to speed up their equipment hire and return process.

eviid’s evidential video technology was launched within the business in April 2019 enabling hire operatives and repair teams to record plant condition at the beginning and end of hire contracts across its 9,000 assets.

The technology has allowed asset condition to be recorded and repair requirements to be quickly identified and processed enabling for a faster turnaround time between hire periods and reduce downtime for customers. Claire Burgess, Head of Performance and Systems at Clancy Plant said:

“We were looking for a system that would allow us to record assessments and quickly and securely share that data with back office teams. We had looked at several off the shelf options, but none gave us the opportunity to customise the system in the way we needed.”

Since implementing the technology, the business is now using the technology at both delivery and collection stage as well as in the workshop setting. The seamless integration with Clancy’s back office system means that workflows are not disrupted and disputes over asset condition can easily be resolved with evidential proof.

Claire added: “We were looking for something that was simple to use and would work with our existing systems without creating disruption for either our field, workshop or office teams. We found that in the eviid technology and the proof is in the fact that within four months we’re already seeing 1,500 uses per month.” The Clancy Plant team are now looking at rolling out the eviid technology to its mobile fitter team to enable them to share video and liaise directly with the workshop when they’re out dealing with repairs.

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