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Can you trust what you're seeing? – by eviid CEO, John Ridd at FRAUDtalks 2019

eviid CEOJohn Ridd is a technologist with a long track-record of taking both disruptive and transformative technology into unsuspecting markets. Watch John talk about the importance of certifying media from source, so that you can truly trust what you’re seeing in an ever-evolving landscape.

“So what’s the current state of technology? So a little bit of an introduction to EVIID of what we do. We created a system that allows us to certify and verify the creation of media. And in our platform we’ve really focused into the insurance sector. By working through video solutions that allow policy holders to send information in. Or loss adjusters to send information and sharing it, whether that’s uploading video, or live video, or capturing videos from drones. And in some of these solutions that we’ve taken to market we’ve got for example where we’ve put the use of video into high volume, low value claims into content insurance.

Do you know what we’ve had? We’ve had 40% of people walk away. Because when they actually start to see, I’m gonna use video, I’m not gonna fake a few photographs, I’m actually gonna start to use a video to show the damage. 40% walk away. If that’s not fraud, I don’t know what is.

We’ve reduced property claims cycle by 68%. We’ve reduced motor claims cycle by 98%. With the use of video. But the core and underlying piece of what we’ve done, is the fact we have this ability to verify and validate the creation of media. And that’s a patented algorithm both in the US and Europe. So we can identify, if you’re using our platform, deep fake. That’s a big claim for us.”

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