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A socially distanced hurricane season?

Hurricanes don’t care about social distancing or global pandemics...

With households across the US preparing for an above-normal hurricane season under COVID-19 conditions and FEMA suspending on-site home inspections, insurers, too, are having to find new ways of speedily helping affected policyholders.

Enhanced Infrared satellite imagery of hurricane Dorian as a category 5 storm with 185 mph winds.

From getting the materials and supplies to hunker down safely and knowing where and how to evacuate to, through to figuring out how to get loss adjusters out amid travel restrictions and social distancing – the logistics of this hurricane season will look like nothing we’ve seen before, both for insurers and their customers.

Technology – and video in particular – can play a key role in helping insurers deal with the surge in claims. And it’s not too late to put this in place. Watch our video: eviid – Your eyes on the ground from eviid on Vimeo.

Insurers who use recorded live video for quick remote triage at FNOL will make better use of loss adjusters available, while providing highly responsive and personal support to their customers.