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Secure & Evidential Video Collaboration.

Streamed and recorded video in evidential quality.

Secure, instant video collaboration that you can trust, at an enterprise scale. Servicing risk-conscious industries where secure Video is required within secure processes.

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Patented, Evidential Video-Enabling Technology.

eviid’s transformational, evidential video reporting tool facilitates businesses in a range of risk-conscious, demanding sectors to capture, validate, share and access video and other media quickly and easily; enabling users to share information, direct from their location, in a single, tamper-evident package. Our patented, proven technology turns video and photos captured on smart devices into reliable, verifiable evidence that is suitable for use in court proceedings, claims management and compliance cases.

Our Clients

Here are just some of the amazing companies we collaborate with globally.

Our Clients
Sectors & Use cases
City Sky


Enabling risk-conscious industries globally to video-enable processes.

Insurance & Claims


Make faster, more informed decisions, whilst preventing fraud. Empower your supply chain & TPAs to increase productivity, reducing the time taken for reinstatement.


Deal with variations faster, document job completions and create a dispute-proof audit trail of work carried out.



Quickly create a complete, evidential video-enabled report on site, avoid later disputes and costly repeat visits.


Capture medical video & imagery with a tamper-evident digital fingerprint. Integrate cross-system & with third party medical equipment.

Social Housing

See your tenants circumstances instantly & remotely, empowering repairers & surveyors, whilst reducing repeat visits & void periods.

Remote Customer Service

See what your customer is seeing, live, recorded or both.

Field Force

Enable your field force to digitalise visual communications & reporting out in the field.


Recorded video communications, in an evidential format for record & action.

Media Reporting

Obtain, retain & share media easily, securely & in a format that suits your business.

Using a Touch Phone

Augmented Reality, Scoping & Signature-fill

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Key Business Benefit

Delivering faster case-resolutions and better outcomes, eviid solutions have been proven to deliver significant operational efficiencies, cost-savings, rapid ROI and reduced customer effort across the entire business ecosystem.

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The Results

Why are companies are utilising secure, evidential video to transform their business?


Media Items being pushed through eviid each year as part of a Secure & Compliant process.


Days on average using eviid can reduce the time it takes to receive & review media.


Technical assessments completed remotely within 24 hours.


Interview Live reduces the cost associated with face to face interviews.


eviid reduces the time it takes for claims handlers to access policy holder media.


Amount of cases that no longer require site visits, which is predicted to rise to 95%.

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Seamless Integration

eviid can be utilised as either an 'out of box' system, or elements can be embedded within existing systems/processes via APIs, Deep-linking & SDKs.

This means that eviid can seamlessly transform business processes.

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