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We know eviid is a game-changer, because we have seen it disrupt the markets we’ve been developing it in.

Since 2012, we have been working with enterprise clients from a range of demanding sectors, including insurance, utilities, and facilities management, to put eviid through its paces.

The result is a rock-solid, versatile application that can be deployed wherever smartphones are – or could be – used to capture sensitive information, audit trails or critical evidence that has to withstand later scrutiny. It’s now ready for new applications and new sectors.

Have a look at our client list and mini-case studies below – and get in touch if you think eviid could help you disrupt your market.

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How our clients use eviid

Amey, one of the UK’s leading infrastructure services companies, is using eviid across a number of contract teams. The app ensures build, maintenance and repair project records are accurate - and remain so. Thanks to eviid, project employees and managers can video-record job progress, snag-resolution and project completion on smartphones and tablets, generating instant, definitive reports. As a result, the Amey team no longer has to laboriously fill in forms on site, take photos or manually upload material. They also spend less time travelling to and from site, as problems can be resolved and documented without revisit.

A global insurance provider uses eviid to reduce paperwork and repeat visits of loss adjusters and experts to a customer’s site. eviid puts all stakeholders in the customer’s home/business within seconds, which means specialists can be deployed at a moment’s notice and any questions or issues surrounding a claim can be resolved in real time. The result: policyholders get a better decision faster and the cost of making that decision is reduced drastically.