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About eviid

What is eviid?

eviid is unique, patent-pending technology that makes smartphone footage suitable for capturing or streaming business-critical, sensitive or evidential information.

All eviid footage and metadata is tamper-evident, compressed on average 15-fold, and shared and stored securely in a controlled environment.

What does it do?

eviid allows consumers or professionals to securely capture, share, store and stream evidential quality photos, video and contextual data.

eviid also enables live, secure and recorded two-way audio and video streaming between field and base, for instant remote assistance and documented decision making.

How does it work?

eviid is a smart phone app supported by a back-end system, which together constitute a secure, controlled environment.

When recording through the eviid app, a tamper-evident ‘wrapper’ that includes contextual data such as GPS location and SIM card information is added to each frame like a watermark, making it impossible to alter footage or metadata without leaving a trace.

The footage is then compressed at least 15-fold and uploaded into the cloud instantly or as soon as there is sufficient mobile signal..

The data is neither stored on the device for longer than necessary, nor is it accessible from outside the eviid app (via the device’s photo gallery, for example).

Where previously a user would have sent potentially sensitive information from their mobile by e-mail or uploaded it to a third-party server, it is now contained within a managed environment, circumventing any security, data protection and compliance issues.

What does ‘tamper-evident’ mean and why is it important?

Tamper-evident means that it is impossible to manipulate either images or metadata without leaving a clear trace. For many applications this is preferable to tamper-proofing, as it allows the detection of fraud attempts.

Smartphone technology is set to pass the 2bn global users mark in 2016 [SOURCE: eMarketer 2015, via Statista] and smart devices increasingly are the devices we have at hand if there is something to document. However, the resulting images and footage often lack contextual data that make them suitable as evidence, they are open to manipulation and not secure.

The eviid app creates a little evidential ‘corner’ on a device that otherwise remains a personal smartphone, with all the advantages of convenience and ease of use. This comes in handy wherever businesses are managing BYOD, where sensitive personal data is handled or where the user just wants to ensure what they capture contains enough information to be admissible as evidence.

Who is using eviid?

eviid was developed in close partnership with a handful of demanding enterprise users, spanning insurance, utilities, and asset management.

Have a look at our current users and applications here.

Where can I get eviid?

eviid is currently available as an enterprise solution. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We’re keen to work with new partners and develop new applications, in new sectors.

Some of our bespoke enterprise solutions already include a consumer facing app (for example, allowing policy holders to make a claim and submit evidence directly to the insurer) and we are working on a standalone consumer version as we speak. Sign up here for updates.

Will eviid work with my or my workforce’s mobile device?

Yes. We routinely test as many mobile devices as is possible to ensure eviid remains compatible across the board.

For the best possible experience we currently suggest the following minimum specifications for mobile devices – iOS 7.1 (iPhone 5 or above), Android 4.1.1, Windows Phone 8.1.

Will the eviid app work anywhere?

Video or photos can be recorded anywhere regardless of signal. Recorded video or photos can then be uploaded at any time from any location where you have a data signal – the better the signal the faster the upload.

For recorded two-way (or more) live communication, a 3G signal or 4G/Wi-Fi is usually needed.

Can I integrate eviid with other systems?

Yes. The system is designed for this. Our developer friendly, RESTful APIs allow simple and easy integration, pulling eviid data into new or existing internal systems.

This means you can video-enable legacy systems, intelligently share videos with third party systems, automate resizing of media for insertion into reports, or feed notifications or incoming live eviid calls into internal pager, messenger or control room systems.

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What makes eviid the smart choice?
What makes eviid the smart choice?
Smarter ways of doing business with eviid
Smarter ways of doing business with eviid

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Mitigate risk, prove compliance, make decisions faster. Using a ready smartphone fleet, eviid helps you capture and manage compelling visual documentation that will withstand scrutiny. The devices are already out there. Upgrade them to evidential with eviid.