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  • Video-enable your workforce

    eviid is a unique, patent-pending app that turns videos and photos captured on a smart device into reliable evidence suitable for use in court, claims and compliance.

    eviid also enables live, secure and recorded two-way audio and video streaming between field and base, for instant remote assistance and documented decision making.

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Secure, fast, compliant

eviid can transform your business. It removes any reliability, compliance, data protection and security issues around using consumer devices – and makes them suitable for capturing business-critical, sensitive or evidential information.

Mitigate risk

eviid makes it easy to document and prove what you do and ensure this evidence is admissible in court, secure and data protection compliant.

Use your workforce better

eviid allows you to capture evidence and get second opinions in one visit. No need for multiple visits by various experts.

Make decisions faster

eviid enables you to make a decision on the spot, patching in experts via live link as needed and recording it all for audit and compliance purposes.

Improve customer service

eviid makes your service faster - be it through better response times, quicker decisions or a more personal experience.

Remote assistance and decision-making
Workflow integration
Evidence capture
Securely stored documentation
Use eviid wherever smartphones are used to capture sensitive information or critical evidence.